The enclosure where the Karate is practiced is called in Japanese DOJO, traditionally called the sacred place where we train physically and mentally.

Naple's Dojo
Naple's Dojo
A Dojo is a cosmos in miniature, where contact with ourselves, with our fears, anxieties, reactions and habits. It is an area of confined conflict, where we face an opponent that is not an opponent, but a partner, committed to help us better understand ourselves. It is a place where can learn a lot in a short time about who we are and how we behave in the world. The conflicts that occur in the interior of the Dojo will help us understand what happens outside of him. The total concentration and required discipline in the study of karate-do continued throughout everyday life.



All Dojo is Guided  by a SENSEI, meaning teacher in Japanese. SEN means "before", and SEI "born", so, one who was born before us is our master. That is to say: which began earlier in this practice (born before), not in the chronological age  but if the wisdom in terms of knowledge.


The SENSEI's martial arts is very similar to the Zen master; not looking for the disciple or prevented to leave. If the student want to be guided into a hard and difficult road which requires skill and dexterity, the instructor is willing to act as a guide and care for him along the way. The role of sensei, is the student delegate tasks that is capable of performing, then leaving you to take their own decisions based on their feelings and skills. The student can follow sensei's guide or choose some alternative shortcut by choice.




Any martial art presupposes the existence of a discipline in their learning and performance. It is said that the Japanese martial art begins and ends with the delicacy and mutual respect, essential to the elevation of the personality.


Compared with other martial arts, karate is an art of fighting which contains very dangerous elements in their techniques, is very easy through karate give the impression of being hard and vulgar and to return to crude, violent and vulgar people during workouts. To prevent this, karate has a long history and tradition of being educated and having respect in their attitudes.


From ancient times in the katas, becomes a greeting at the start and another at the end. There is no kata that begins with an attack, it starts with a defense that is the spirit and philosophy of karate.


Thus the karate practitioner, must be always present in his mind that this training your heart and spirit. Thus making it the athlete does not become someone arrogant or proud, but if educated.


Sometimes mistakenly label is considered a ceremonial without sincerity, and the right thing is that it is a natural expression of respect and education to others.


The Karate must train in silence, following the guidelines given by the teacher or instructor. Without this discipline (freely accepted by all practitioners), a serious and helpful work is not possible.


See the schedule of training, must strive to not be late to it.


Before entering the Dojo  take off our shoes at the entrance, we leave them in orderly manner. If we find shoes arranged in any way, we must  organize .


If a veteran student is standing behind us at the entrance, we must let that it pass first.


Enter the Dojo must say "ONEGAI SHIMASU", (please, teach me) with clarity and joy. When you leave the Dojo don't forget to say "ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA' (thank you)
Enter the Dojo should show respect, making a bow to Sensei the shrine(shomein)and a high level belt


It should always be courteous with the instructors, veteran students and older.


•  In the Dojo should always practice with clean clothes.


Keep short nails of the hands and feet, to prevent injury to other students to practice together. Is not allowed to practice with rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or watch.


Not to eat from one hour before practice or drink alcohol.


When we observe the training at the Dojo, we must sit down keeping his composure and not to stretch the legs, by placing your hands on your knees.


When sensei gives the signal to start a workout, align you quickly, looking towards the sanctuary of the Dojo.


When the instructor gives the signal of MOKUSSO (meditation), close your eyes, breathe deeply from the lower part of the abdomen, concentrate in the tanden (lower part of the abdomen) and try to reach the concentration.


To practice, listen carefully and seriously the tips and instructions that we give.


When using material from training we must handle it with care. Try again to put it in the right place after use.


When sensei give us some advice, we must listen carefully and affectionately and bow as a way of respect.


Calm us and reassure us, concentrating our minds, and reciting the precepts of the Dojo.


Let us make a bow to sensei, veteran students and others with appreciation and respect.


Beginners and students with any color belt should ask veteran students whether they have any questions. It is important to always study on karate.


No forget to thank those who give us some advice on karate.


When you seriously injuries, do not train until you are fully cured,but you can attend training during this time (a good way to learn also).
  No student should leave training without before you have received permission of the sensei.





On every traditional karate dojo is a set of precepts known as "Dojo Kun". These "rules or way of life" date back nearly two hundred years and though they may vary slightly from one ryu (style) to another.

It is very important to that all our students at the end of each class say the dojo kun.They don't only say it but they also study i




 ichi- Rei setsu o omon zuru koto(Be courteous in your manners)

ni- Tadashii kokoro o motte seiken to suru koto.(Have strong sense of justice)

san- Kageki naru gen do kooi o tsutsushimu koto.(Be responsible for your words and actions)

shi- Ai shinji te wasuru koto.(Respect one another)

go- Kyu do no seishin o oko ta zaru koto.(Karate-do is the way of spirit to give courage and

ambitions to reach your goal as a part of your life)

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